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Studio Legale Mascali law firm was established in 1969 by the lawyer Raimondo Mascali, who was joined in 1999 by another lawyer, Massimo Mascali.

Since the firm started operating it has dealt with a specific chosen sector, mainly specialising in civil law and acquiring a consistent level of experience and expertise on the subject.

Moreover, as a result of working partnerships with qualified accountants and other consultants who are experts in administrative law and criminal law, Studio Legale Mascali can provide integrated assistance across the board, even for issues that overlap various areas of jurisdiction.

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Avv. Massimo Mascali


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Massimo Mascali Avvocato a Bergamo - via Matris Domini n. 21/A - Tel. + - C.F.: MSC MSM 70L27 A794W - P. I.: 03791810165